Service Level Agreement Afas

This service level agreement (hereafter: ALS) describes the service That Forque customers can expect. In addition, this document describes how Forque and its clients can, together, achieve optimal cooperation and achieve the best results. AFAS Online is hosted on professional Dutch data center systems. These top animal data centers have a networked availability of 99.9999%. AFAS Online`s availability and performance are constantly monitored. On the website, you will find the current availability of AFAS Online. In case of maintenance work or failure, all communication is done via this platform. In the event of a failure, the customer can register to be informed by SMS of the progress of the disruption. AFAS has developed a quality management system for internal quality and service control.

AFAS` quality management system ensures quality and anchors processes. In order to ensure internal control, this system has been strengthened and external controls have been carried out on this management system. These external audits are reflected in certifications. You`ll find them here. You`ll find opening hours and extra support here. For first-class customers, we offer an additional extension within the disaster service. In addition to AfAS`s online priorities, a first-class customer also sees a disaster as a production-destroying problem. Service management employees work together via a display tool or are added by the customer`s customer environment. The customer must remove the user from the environment himself when the requirement is complete. Service management rates can be find here. AFAS can advise for a partner or the client can provide a partner on In all cases, the client enters into a contract with the partner concerned.

AFAS Profit: AFAS Profit is the business resource planning (hereafter: ERP) software of AFAS. For a detailed description of AFAS benefits and AFAS opportunities, please contact Forque or visit the AFAS website ( Forque is not a distributor of AFAS Profit, but a certified AFAS expert with expertise in the implementation, optimization and integration of AFAS Profit (see: Terms and Conditions: Forque`s terms and conditions where the latest version still applies between Forque and anyone else. The latest version is available on the Forque website ( Tip: This is the case when Forque provides an advisor to the client. This can be done in different ways. (1) By getting closer to The First Line support, the client can get in direct contact with consultants. (2) The board may be part of a software offer. (3) The board may be part of a process of implementing AFAS for the treatment of profits and/or salaries.

(4) Advice may be offered to the client as an independent service. Consultants: Are as such qualified collaborators at Forque. Consultants have different skills and levels. See „Tips“ to find out which levels are distinguished within the drill. Error/error: the essential failure of the software to comply with the functional or technical specifications expressly stated in writing by Forque and, if adapted, to the functional or technical specifications expressly agreed in writing.