Agreement Prijevod Na Hrvatski

The duration of the framework contract may not exceed four years, unless, in exceptional cases, the purpose of the framework agreement duly justifies it. based on a risk analysis in the event of re-opening of tenders as part of a framework tender re-opening contract, where no evaluation committee has been set up. When a framework contract is concluded with several economic operators (several framework contracts), it can take the form of separate contracts signed on equal terms with each contractor. The grant agreement expressly specifies that the date of eligibility for fees is set on the date the applications were submitted. Discretion is considered non-existent if the next ETYM Cf.-French-Accreditation is based in the grant agreement. 1. compatibility of observations; Syn. Correspondence. 2. the harmony of people`s opinions or actions or characters; Syn. Agreement. 3.

Determining grammatical difference on the basis of verbal reports; Syn. Concorde. 4. the declaration (oral or written) of an exchange of promises; Syn. I get it. 5. The matter is settled or agreed upon; Syn. That`s an order. 6.

The oral act of consent. In grammar, the choice of a flexible form of a word, so that the parts of a sentence correspond in number, case and sex. The terms of the framework contract apply only to the contracting powers covered in the contract documents for this purpose and to the economic operators who are parties to the framework contract. A contract, framework contract or special contract under a framework contract may be amended without a new contracting procedure in the following cases where the framework contract is concluded with an economic operator, special contracts are made under the terms defined in the framework contract. Signing of individual agreements, decisions and grant agreements The grant contract has at least the following conditions: It is necessary to clarify the conditions for the application of the period of silence to be respected before the signing of the contract or framework agreement. Contracting notices are not published for certain contracts on the basis of the framework contract. The provisions of Page VIII applicable to grant agreements apply mutatis mutandis to financial decisions. These specific provisions are included in the grant agreement. approval, consent; conformity, similarity and equality, equality of form and equality of surfaces; It`s stupid.

(lat.) The framework contract for the provision of temporary work in Greece (Randstad) has been replaced by an open tendering procedure, which has been concluded and has been concluded to conclude the new synonyms: Correspondence | | agreement | Concord Understanding | if we know, the share of the contract or framework contract that the proposed contractor intends to award to third parties. Decision on the conclusion of investment contracts. Specific contracts based on the framework contract are listed in the grant agreement, the loan agreement and the subsidy agreement contain provisions that award certain contracts on the basis of framework contracts, in accordance with the terms of the framework contract. The agreement of one state to obtain a particular face for the diplomatic representative of another state. Delivery procedure and grant agreement .